Standards for data sets


The use of standards is strongly recommended. A standard is an agreement that is written down in a specification document. The use of open standards offers the possibility to speak the same "language" with each other. This can make reuse easier and perhaps promote it. Open standards contribute to interoperability and supplier independence. It saves costs and reduces administrative burdens.

Standards support data exchange between ICT systems. The openness of these standards ensures that everyone can use the standard. This also increases the linkability of your own data.

What are open standards?

The Standardization Forum interprets open standards as follows:

"A standard is an agreement that is written down in a specification document. In order to exchange data, IT systems must have implemented the same standard. The condition is that the specification document is freely available."

Specific agreements are therefore made for a standard with regard to the exchange of data.

Standards for data sets

There are also standards in various areas for making open data sets available from the government. shows what standards there are as much as possible with regard to making data available. You will find a selection of the standards in the overview below (in Dutch). As a government organisation, it is wise to connect to an existing standard when making data available.

Data set Standard used Organisation


terreinen VNG


parkeerplaatsen VNG
Stembureaus VNG


monumenten VNG

Meldingen Openbare

Ruimte VNG
Locatie-data Geonovum
Classificaties CBS
Juriconnect KOOP

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