Data requests

Data requests on

When you can't find the data you need on, you can send in a data request to make specific data from the government available as open data. 

By sending in your data request, please tell us which data you need, as detailed as possible. The team will take care of your data request and research if the data is available. We do this by sending the data request to the possible data owner inside the government. As soon as we get your data request, you will receive a personal confirmation. When we have more information about the data request we will contact you. Your data request is visible for visitors of, so that other people can find what kind of data requests have been sent to us. Your personal data are only visible for the team and are removed after closing the data request.

Handling of data requests through

The process of handling data requests is as follows:

  1. You fill in the data request form and click on 'send'.
  2. Your data request is not directly visible on the portal. The request will be processed within 5 working days by the team
  3. The team analyses the request and publishes it in the overview with other data requests.
  4. Depending on the outcome of the analysis, your request will be answered directly or forwarded to a government organisation for an answer.
  5. You and other visitors can follow the status of the data request in the overview.
  6. After the request is answered, your request gets the status 'handled'. The request and answer remain visible on the portal. Your personal data will be removed.

Please note: a data request on isn't an official WOB-request. These kinds of requests must be filled in by the concerned government organisation. strives to handle the request within the terms of an official WOB-request.