Publishing data sets

Publishing data sets on

This information is for government organisations that would like to register data sets on the data portal. 

Options to register datasets

  1. Manually on To do this, you first create an account as a data owner. Then enter the dataset using the form 'register dataset'. 
  2. Automatically via other data portals such as the National Georegister or the Central Bureau of Statistics. All datasets registered with the aforementioned data portals are automatically transferred to You do not need to do anything for this.
  3. Automatically from your own data portal. Does your government organisation have its own data register or data portal? In that case, you do not have to enter the data manually again on The delivery can then be automated via the API of CKAN [authentication key is necessary] according to the DCAT standard. The supplier of your data portal can tell you more about this.
    In addition, can also harvest your portal according to the DCAT standard. In that case, contact the team about the options via

Distribution of data set information

The European Data Portal harvests all datasets from the Netherlands via the National Data Portal

Why synchronise automatically?

Harvesting information or synchronising via the API has major advantages:

  • datasets are registered, entered and maintained only once;
  • datasets are managed in one place by the resource owner;
  • a single location is created where all data sets of the Dutch government can be found, namely:;
  • ensures that all datasets can be found on the European Data Portal.

Would you rather supply data sets yourself?

Contact us for more information or sign up directly as a "data owner" to create an account for manual entry. Only government organisations are approved as "data owners". It is possible to automatically supply information about (part of) your data sets to offers the standard CKAN API for this. There are a number of conditions for submitting data to

Organizational conditions for delivery

  1. You have an approved data owner account on
  2. You have provided a valid e-mail address to handle any queries and data requests.
  3. You are a data owner or may act on behalf of a data owner who appears in our list of data owners.
  4. You have permission to register datasets as a data owner on behalf of the relevant government organisation.

Technical conditions

  1. Your dataset information complies with the DCAT-AP-NL standard:
  • all mandatory fields are filled in;
  • only allowed values are included in the metadata fields.
  1. You have included a unique identifier as metadata per data set. This identifier will not change and will not be reused for other data.
  2. You choose which data sets you provide information from.
  3. You have made provisions yourself to be able to call the API with a fixed frequency and to supply information.

Follow-up action

Can you meet the above conditions on behalf of your government organisation? Please contact us at and indicate that you are interested in supplying data via the API. We discuss the conditions and any questions in a (telephone) coordination meeting.

What do you get from

  1. Access to a test environment to test your API connection setup.
  2. For your existing data owner account on you will receive an API key that is required to add information via the API to The API key is strictly linked to the relevant account, to one catalog and to the relevant data owner.
  3. An agreement in which the most important agreements are laid down.

N.B. the delivery via the API does NOT include data storage on You take care of the storage of your data and only supply a link to the data at

Contact for support

Are you unable to register your datasets? Contact us for extra support.