Unavailable datasets

Closed/unavailable data sets

It is possible that a data set on data.overheid.nl is displayed as 'closed'. This means that the dataset is not or will not be openly available. If a data set is shown as 'closed', it must be indicated why the dataset is not available and will not be available.

Reasons to keep a dataset closed

Note: usually only one reason is given for a closed data set. However, there may be more reasons why a dataset is closed. We recommend working according to the order of the decision tree and identifying the first applicable reason.

  Reason Explanation (translated from decision tree Rijksoverheid/Dutch government)
1 Danger to the unity of the Crown

Providing the data set could endanger the unity of the Crown.

2 State security Providing the data set could harm the security of the State.
3 Confidentiality The dataset contains business and/or manufacturing data that has been confidentially communicated to the government by natural or legal persons, and there are no overriding interests for disclosure.
4 Privacy

The data set contains personal data: 

  1. the personal data cannot easily be removed from the dataset (making the data anonymous), whereby the dataset remains usable; or,
  2. there is an infringement of privacy; or,
  3. the data subjects have been informed in advance of the disclosure and have not given their consent; or,
  4. the personal data can be easily retrieved by linking to another file.
5 Importance of relations The relations of the Netherlands with other States and/or international organisations is more important than compiling the data set.
6 Economic / financial interests The economic or financial interests of the State or other bodies governed by public law are more important than opening up the data set.
7 Criminal law  The dataset relates to the investigation and/or prosecution of criminal offences and there are no overriding interests for disclosure.
8 Inspection, control and supervision The data set relates to inspection, control and supervision by administrative bodies and there are no overriding interests for disclosure.
9 Personal policy views The dataset contains personal policy views. The data subject has not given explicit consent for disclosure. The data cannot simply be anonymised and there are no overriding interests for disclosure.
10 Rights of third parties The government cannot freely dispose of the contents of the data set and/or does not have explicit permission to open the dataset.
X Unknown The department indicates that the data set remains closed, but no reason has been given. The reason will be determined as soon as possible.




Where possible, reference is made to relevant legislation (in Dutch) as a support or basis for keeping a dataset closed:

  1. Wet Openbaarheid Bestuur: http://www.wetten.nl/BWBR0005252/
  2. Wet bescherming Persoonsgegevens: http://www.wetten.nl/BWBR0011468/
  3. Wet op Hergebruik van Overheidsinformatie: bekendmaking 24 juni in het Staatsblad, inwerking getreden per 18 juli 2015, http://wetten.overheid.nl/BWBR0036795

In addition, specific parts of legislation concerning Statistics Netherlands (CBS), Land Registry (Kadaster), and others apply.