License choice

Licences for data sets

When you register a data set on, you are obliged to grant a license to the dataset. A license states how a dataset can be reused.

The table below lists the licenses that are used for data at With each license it is indicated whether it concerns "open data". Some licenses impose restrictions on the reuse of the data.

Name of license Content


Open Data?
Public Domain By granting this license, it is determined that it is not subject to known copyright restrictions, including all related and neighboring rights. Open license Yes
CC-0 By granting this license to a dataset, the dataset is assigned to the public domain by relinquishing the rights to the copyrighted work worldwide, including all associated and related rights, to the extent permitted by law. Open license Yes
Geo Shared license In some cases it is necessary to set conditions of use, for example by legislation. In such cases, the Geo Shared license offers a solution.
Geo Shared (Geo Gedeeld) consists of a number of standard terms of use, each with its own icon, a layman's text and a legally binding text. The selection of one or more terms of use leads to a standard license. As a result, there may be limitations in reuse possibilities.
Limited license No

With this license, a (re-)user is free to share, copy, distribute and transmit the dataset via any medium or file format. The dataset may be edited and used for commercial purposes. Reference to the source of the data is required.

Open license Yes
CC-BY-SA With this license, a re-user is free to share, copy, distribute and transmit the dataset via any medium or file format. The data may be edited. Reference to the source of the data is required. In addition, it is a requirement that derivative products are made available under the same conditions (as open data). License with limitation  Yes

Licenses for reusing data

When in doubt, we always advise to choose the CC-0 license. CC-0 clearly indicates to re-users that the data can be used without restriction. More information about licenses can be found on the Creative Commons website, about licenses.

If it is unclear what the license is for data that will be made available, you can temporarily opt for an "unknown" or "not open" license. The data sets are then not regarded as open data, because it is (still) unclear whether there are limitations in reuse.

Name Content


Open Data?
License unknown If an administrator uses "unknown license", the supplier indicates that he/she does not know which license applies to the dataset. No reuse license No
No open license If a supplier uses "no open license", it means that the data set is not public and must be requested from the relevant government organisation Closed