The Dutch data portal

Welcome at the Dutch National Data portal. This portal provides an overview of all available datasets provided by governmental organisations in the Netherlands.

Facts & figures

The most important facts and figures

  • over 150 Dutch government organisations list their available data in over 12.000 datasets
  • the data portal is updated daily by harvesting-processes, API-updates and individual users
  • the DCAT standard for data exchange is used and has been extented for use in the Netherlands (DCAT-AP-NL). Version 1.1. is currently used. 
  • the data registry is based on the CKAN software platform and Drupal 8. 

This site and registry is initiated and governed by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. The Netherlands Publication Office (KOOP) is responsible for site maintenance and development.

TIP: a comprehensive insight in the situation of open data in the Netherland: Trend Report Open Data 2015 (English, PDF, Netherlands Court of Audit)

Datasets available in English

Some of the data of the Dutch government is available in English, please see here for all English datasets (currently over 600).

DCAT application

The Dutch data portal uses the European DCAT standard. The DCAT standard is implemented as a NL application profile: DCAT-AP-NL. More information about mapping of the DCAT standard on CKAN fields, Dutch metadata standard (OWMS) and the geo-network can also be found on this page. 

Please contact us for more information in English about other subjects.