Existing own homes; purchase price indices 2020=100 by region (COROP)

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Landelijk dekkend

Dit is een dataset die landelijk dekkend is. De data heeft betrekking op heel Nederland.


This table shows the price developments of the stock of existing owner-occupied homes for COROP area. The number of transactions, the average sales price and the total value of the sales prices of the homes sold are also published. The price indices for existing owner-occupied homes are based on an integral registration of residential sales transactions by the Land Registry and WOZ values of all homes in the Netherlands. Index series can fluctuate, for example when the number of trades in a region is limited. It is then recommended to use the long-term developments of the price indices. The average sales price may show a different development than the price index for existing owner-occupied homes. The development of the average selling price is not an indicator for the price development of existing owner-occupied homes. The method used is equal to the method of the Price Index for Existing Owner-occupied Homes (PBK) with the exception of the weighting of dwelling types. At province level, the dwelling types are weighted by stock figures and then aggregated. At COROP-level, the dwelling types are not taken into account in the aggregation. The COROP areas Utrecht and Flevoland are equal to the eponymous provinces and are calculated according to the province procedure. For this reason, the confidence intervals for these areas have been omitted in the table.

Status of the figures: The figures in this table are immediately final.

Changes as of May 8th 2024: None, this is a new table. This table succeeds the table Existing own homes; purchase price indices 2015=100 by region (COROP), see paragraph 3.

When will new figures be published? New figures are published about 22 days after the period under review.



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Price index owner-occupied homes, price index 2020=100 price development Average sales price for owner-occupied homes


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Price index owner-occupied homes, price index 2020=100 price development Average sales price for owner-occupied homes