Existing own homes; average purchase prices, region

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Landelijk dekkend

Dit is een dataset die landelijk dekkend is. De data heeft betrekking op heel Nederland.


This table shows the average purchase price that has been paid in the reporting period for existing own homes purchased by a private individual. The average purchase price of existing own homes may differ from the price index of existing own homes. The average purchase price is no indicator for price developments of owner-occupied residential property. The average purchase price reflects the average price of dwellings sold in a particular period. The fact that de dwellings sold differs from one period to another is not taken into account. The following instance explains which problems are entailed by the continually changing of the quality of the dwellings sold. Suppose in February of a particular year mainly big houses with extensive gardens beautifully situated alongside canals are sold, whereas in March many small terraced houses are sold. In that case the average purchase price in February will be higher than in March but this does not mean that house prices are increased. See note 3 for a link to the article 'Why the average purchase price is not an indicator'.

Data available from: 1995

Status of the figures: The figures in this table are immediately definitive. The calculation of these figures is based on the number of notary transactions that are registered every month by the Dutch Land Registry Office (Kadaster). A revision of the figures is exceptional and occurs specifically if an error significantly exceeds the acceptable statistical margins. The average purchasing prices of existing owner-occupied sold homes can be calculated by Kadaster at a later date. These figures are usually the same as the publication on Statline, but in some periods they differ. Kadaster calculates the average purchasing prices based on the most recent data. These may have changed since the first publication. Statistics Netherlands uses figures from the first publication in accordance with the revision policy described above.

Changes as of 23 February 2022: The average purchase prices of the municipalities Bloemendaal and Blaricum in 2021 were incorrectly displayed. For these municipalities the last digit (7th position) was omitted. These digits are added to the table.

Changes as of 20 February 2024: Added average purchase prices of the municipalities for the year 2023.

When will new figures be published? New figures are published approximately one to three months after the period under review.



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Average purchase prices of existing own homes The Netherlands, group of provinces, provinces and municipalities


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Average purchase prices of existing own homes The Netherlands, group of provinces, provinces and municipalities