Energy balance sheet; supply, transformation and consumption, 1995-2013

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Landelijk dekkend

Dit is een dataset die landelijk dekkend is. De data heeft betrekking op heel Nederland.


This table shows the supply, transformation and the consumption of energy in a balance sheet. Energy is released - among other things - during the combustion of for example natural gas, petroleum, hard coal and biofuels. Energy can also be obtained from electricity or heat, or extracted from natural resources, e.g. wind or solar energy. In energy statistics all these sources of energy are known as energy commodities.

The supply side of the balance sheet includes indigenous production of energy, imports and exports and stock changes. For energy transformation, the table gives figures both on the transformation input (energy used to make other energy commodities) and the transformation output (energy made from other energy commodities) of energy commodities. The consumption side shows the consumption of energy for transformation in other energy commodities or as final consumption.

The energy balance describes the situation for the five main sectors, i.e. energy sector, industry (non energy), transport, private households and agriculture, fishing and services and many sub sectors. There is a difference between the energy balance sheet of the Netherlands and the energy balance sheet by sector. Imports and exports by sector are not known. The supply and deliveries by sector are known. The energy balance sheet shows net supply and deliveries. This equals net imports, exports and bunkers.

Figures refer to companies, institutions, private households and transport. Companies and institutions are broken down by branche based on the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC 2008). Sectors starting with a letter or number are SIC 2008 sectors.

Data available: From 1995 up to and including 2013

Status of the figures: All figures up to 2013 are definite.

Changes as of 28 July 2015: None, this table has been discontinued, because the figures have been revised for all years. The successor of this table is 'Energy balance sheet; supply, transformation and consumption'. See section 3.

When will new figures be published? Not applicable.

Note: With the publication of revised provisional annual figures the underlying monthly balance sheets retain their provisional character. Monthly balance sheets of energy commodities natural gas, hard coal, electricity, petroleum products, crude and motor fuels have been published in separate StatLine tables (see 3. Links to relevant tables and symbols). Upon publication of the definite annual energy balance sheet the monthly balance sheets will be definite.



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Energy commodities reported into petajoules (PJ) and physical units by energy consumers and balance sheet items.


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Energy commodities reported into petajoules (PJ) and physical units by energy consumers and balance sheet items.