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Landelijk dekkend

Dit is een dataset die landelijk dekkend is. De data heeft betrekking op heel Nederland.


This table provides information per crop about the cultivated and harvested area, yield per hectare and the total yield in a crop year. The data are available for the Netherlands as a whole and by province.

Applying crop rotation helps a farmer to avoid deterioration in soil fertility. A cultivation plan is prepared annually, to make sure that the same crop is not cultivated in the same place year after year. Usually, one third of the arable land is covered with cereals (mainly winter wheat and spring barley), a quarter is covered with potatoes, one eighth is covered with sugar beet, and one tenth is used for vegetables(mainly onions) as well as a green fodder crop (mainly green maize).

To obtain the figure for the yield, first a preliminary harvest estimate is made. This takes place from August to October.

The estimate is made definite from December to March.

The yields per hectare are rounded off to the nearest 100 kilograms. The total yields are rounded off to the nearest 1000 kilograms.

Data available from: 1994.

Status of the figures: The figures up to 2022 are definite. The figures of 2023 are provisional.

Changes as of 31 August 2023: The provisional figures of 2023 have been added.

When will new figures be published? The preliminary harvest estimate figures for cereals are published at the end of September and for all crops in late October of the harvest year. The final harvest estimate figures are published in January and are updated in March of the following year. These figures can be changed until the end of September.



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