Government Production and Consumption; transactions, sectors

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This table contains information on the output and final consumption expenditure of the general government. The general government output is determined from the production costs, which consist of compensation of employees, intermediate consumption, consumption of fixed capital, other taxes on production (payable) and other subsidies on production (receivable). Please note that the subsidies are denoted with a negative sign, as subsidies reduce production costs. General government output is predominantly comprised of non-market output that is provided for free. To a lesser extent, output of the general government is also sold on the market, used as output for own final use, or provided to the market as non-market output at prices that are not economically significant. The final consumption expenditure of the general government can be broken down into an individual and collective component. The individual consumption expenditure is equal to the social transfers in kind, which are individual goods and services supplied to individual households for free or at prices that are not economically significant, either produced as non-market output or purchased from market producers. The collective consumption expenditure are the costs associated with providing collective goods and services to society, or large parts of it, as a whole. The terms and definitions used are in accordance with the framework of the National Accounts. The National Accounts are based on the international definitions of the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010). The time of recording is in congruence with the accrual principle. Small temporary differences with publications of National Accounts may occur due to the fact that government finance statistics are sometimes more up to date.

Data available from: Yearly figures from 1995.

Status of the figures: The figures for the period 1995-2021 are final. The figures for 2022 are provisional.

Changes as of 23 June 2023: The annual figures 2022 have been added. The annual figures 2021 have been adjusted. The annual figures for 2021 are final.

When will new figures be published? New figures will be published in the first half of the year.



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Government production and consumption (resources, uses, balancing items) Output resources, production costs, and government sectors


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Government production and consumption (resources, uses, balancing items) Output resources, production costs, and government sectors