Emission factors by vehicle category and year of construction, 2009

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Dit is een dataset die landelijk dekkend is. De data heeft betrekking op heel Nederland.


This table contains emission factors for exhaust gasses from road vehicles. It concerns the pollutants which have an influence on air quality and to which statutory type approval standards are applicable. Emission factors give the emission per activity unit, in this case per driven kilometre. They are applied in the calculation of road traffic emissions in the Netherlands (see paragraph 3). The emission factors in this table apply to calendar year 2009 and are split up into vehicle category and year of construction.

Statutory standards for type approval of passenger cars concerning air polluting substances in exhaust gases are into force since 1973. Cars that don't comply to these (European) standards are not allowed to be brought on to the market. Initially the standards could be met by improvements of the engine technology. Continuous sharpening of the standards during the years made it necessary to apply catalytic converters. The latest sharpenings are dated 1992 (EURO1), 1996 (EURO2), 2000 (EURO3) and 2005 (EURO4). Since 1992 delivery vans have to comply to the same standards as passenger cars. Effective exhaust gas standards for heavy duty vehicles have been introduced in 1988. These standards have been sharpened several times. In 2005 the EURO4 standard came into power. A further sharpening is effective from 2008.

Period: 2009.

Data available from: n/a.

Status of the figures: Definitive figures.

Changes with respect to the previous version of this table: N/a. It concerns a new table containing the latest state of affairs; in this case a set emission factors for calendar year 2009.

When will new figures be published? The publication of the transport emission factors in a StatLine table was discontinued in 2010. The most recent emission factors can be found in the report Methods for calculating the emissions of transport in the Netherlands. This report will be updated every year.



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