Wellbeing; education and labour, 2003-2012

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Landelijk dekkend

Dit is een dataset die landelijk dekkend is. De data heeft betrekking op heel Nederland.


This table contains information on the wellbeing of the Dutch population aged 18 years and older in terms of happiness and satisfaction with life. These subjects are broken down by the highest completed level of education and a number of labour-related characteristics, that is socio-economic category and main source of income for the household. The data are also broken down by personal characteristics, that is gender, age and origin. The data are based on the Health Interview Survey (POLS, 2003-2009), the Voluntary Work and Social Cohesion module (V&S, 2010 old method), the Social Cohesion and Well-being survey (SocSam, 2010 new method, 2012) and the Social Statistics Database (SSB). Data on household income and living situation from the SSB were added to POLS data for the years 2003 up to and including 2009. From 2010 onwards data were supplemented with the SSB data from the previous year.

Data available from 2003 till 2012.

Status of the figures: The figures in this table are definite.

Changes as of 16 January 2015: This table has been discontinued.

Changes as of 16-12-2013: In 2010 the survey was redesigned. As a consequence, statistics from 2010 onwards are not completely comparable to statistics from previous years. For 2010 there are statistics based on both the old as well as the new method. More information on the redesign can be found in paragraph 4.

When will new figures be published? Not applicable.



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Happiness, satisfaction with life, Education level, socio-economic category, main source of income


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Happiness, satisfaction with life, Education level, socio-economic category, main source of income