Retail trade; turnover changes internet sales, index 2015=100

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This table presents information about developments in retail turnover (SIC 2008 code 47). The data can be broken down by different types of shops: shops that predominantly sell goods online and those that predominantly sell goods through other sales channels (physical shops, markets, etc.). Developments are presented as percentage changes compared to a previous year and by means of indices. In this table, the base year is updated to 2015, in previous publications the base year was 2013. The survey used to measure turnover change for online sales covers retail trade companies with 10 or more employees; these represent 65-70 percent of total online sales. Small businesses are not covered.

Data available from January 2014.

Status of the figures Figures on 2021 and 2020 are provisional, the preceding periods are definite. The figures of a calendar year will become definite no later than five months after the end of that calendar year. Until then, the figures in this table will be 'provisional' and can still be adjusted as a result of delayed response.

Changes as of April 30, 2021: Figures of March and the first quarter of 2021 have been added. Figures of preceding periods in 2021 and 2020 may have been adjusted.

When will new figures be published? As a rule, monthly statistics are published six to eight weeks after the end of the reporting month. Quarterly statistics are published on the last working day of the second month after the quarter. Once definite figures have been published, Statistics Netherlands will only revise the results if significant adjustments and/or corrections are necessary.


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Internet sales retail trade. Turnover: index 2015 = 100, change. By activity (SIC 2008).


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Internet sales retail trade. Turnover: index 2015 = 100, change. By activity (SIC 2008).