Accommodation and food services; turnover index, 2015=100

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This table presents information on the development in turnover and volume in the sector Accommodation and food serving (ISIC 2008 codes 55 and 56). The figures are expressed as a percentage change compared to a previous period and by means of an index. In this table the base year is updated to 2015, in previous publications the base year was 2010. Developments in turnover and volume are published in two formats. Firstly, as a year-on-year mutation which expresses growth relative to the same period in the preceding year. The second format pertains to a period-on-period mutation, for example quarter-on-quarter. Period-on-period mutations are derived by applying seasonal adjustment.

Data available from: 1st quarter 2005.

Status of the figures: Figures on 2020 are provisional. Figures of previous periods are definite.

Changes as of March 1, 2021: Figures on the 4th quarter 2020 have been added. Figures on previous periods in 2020 may have been adjusted.

Due to the government measures related to the corona virus, some services were not or only to a limited extent available in the second quarter and fourth quarter of 2020. As a result, for some of these services, there were no transactions for which prices could be measured. The lack of sufficient transactions is the reason why volume figures are not published for some branches.

As a rule quarterly statistics are published on the last working day of the second month after the quarter. Once definite figures have been published, Statistics Netherlands will only apply adjustments if significant corrections are necessary.


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Accommodation, food; turnover, 2015=100 Naar bedrijfsactiviteit (SBI 2008).


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Accommodation, food; turnover, 2015=100 Naar bedrijfsactiviteit (SBI 2008).