Producer confidence; sentiment indicator manufacturing industry, branches

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Producer confidence is a sentiment indicator for the manufacturing industry that indicates the direction in which manufacturing production is expected to develop. The indicator is an unweighted arithmetic average of three component indicators from the Business sentiment survey of the manufacturing industry. Before the Producer confidence is calculated, seasonal effects are removed from the three component indicators. The questions concern the expected activity in the next three months, opinion on order books and opinion on stocks of finished products. Results of the latter question are inverted when calculating the producer confidence, since a surplus of finished products is seen as something negative.

The more optimistic or pessimistic manufacturing companies are, the more positive or negative the value of the producer confidence indicator is compared with the zero line, and the greater the expectation that manufacturing production in the coming months will increase or decrease respectively. The producer confidence indicator has been available since 1985. For the sectors of manufacturing industry given in this table, the results are available from the start of 1994. This publication is created using co-financing by the European Commission.

Data available from: January 1985

Status of the figures: The figures are definitive.

Changes as of March 28th 2024: Figures of March 2024 have been added.

An improvement has been made to the calculation of the margins. This may result in a small change in the upper and lower limit of the margin. The values are unchanged.

From now on figures will be labeled as seasonally adjusted or original, even if the table only contains one of these data types.

When will new figures be published? April 2024 figures are expected to be published on April 29th, 2024.



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Producer confidence and components activity, order books, stocks and branches


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Producer confidence and components activity, order books, stocks and branches