Employed labour force; economic activity

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Dit is een dataset die landelijk dekkend is. De data heeft betrekking op heel Nederland.


This table contains quarterly and yearly figures on the economic activities where people work. The population of 15 to 74 years of age (excluding the institutionalized population) in paid employment is classified according to the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC 2008). A division by sex, age, level of education, professional status and working hours is available.

Data available from: 2013

Status of the figures: The figures in this table are final.

Changes as of May 15, 2024: The figures for 1st quarter 2024 are added.

Changes as of November 15, 2022: In the previous version, the self-employed variable was not published in the personal characteristics dimension for employment status. This has been added in this version.

Changes as of August 17, 2022: None, this is a new table. This table has been compiled on the basis of the Labor Force Survey (LFS). Due to changes in the research design and the questionnaire of the LFS, the figures for 2021 are not automatically comparable with the figures up to and including 2020. The key figures in this table have therefore been made consistent with the (non-seasonally adjusted) figures in the table Arbeidsdeelname, kerncijfers seizoengecorrigeerd (see section 4), in which the outcomes for the period 2013-2020 have been recalculated to align with the outcomes from 2021. When further detailing the outcomes according to job and personal characteristics, there may nevertheless be differences from 2020 to 2021 as a result of the new method.

When will new figures be released? New figures will be published on August 12, 2024.



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Employed labour force Sex, characteristics, economic activities


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Employed labour force Sex, characteristics, economic activities