Consumer prices; contribution and impact, CPI 2015=100

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Dit is een dataset die landelijk dekkend is. De data heeft betrekking op heel Nederland.


This table contains figures about year-on-year developments of expenditure categories of the Consumer price index (CPI). This table also contains the weighting coefficient. The weighting coefficient shows how much Dutch consumers spend on each product group in relation to their total expenditure.

Furthermore, the table shows the contribution and impact of CPI categories. The contributions of the separate groups add up to total annual rate of change and show the share of price increases. The impact answers the question how much higher or lower the total annual rate of change would have been, if a specific category would not have been taken into account in calculation. These figures are shown for 151 product groups. Furthermore, 34 combinations of product groups (special aggregates) are displayed.

CPI figures are published every month. In addition, an annual figure is published at the end of the year. The CPI of a calendar year is calculated as the average of the indices of the twelve months of that year.

Data available from: January 2016.

Status of the figures: When first published, the figures are provisional. Their status becomes final simultaneously with the second publication about the same month. Differences between the provisional and final figures are caused by source material that has become available after the provisional publication.

Changes compared with previous version: Data on the most recent period have been added and/or adjustments have been implemented.

Changes as of 9 June 2022: The unit of the contribution to annual rate of change and the impact on the annual rate of change has been adjusted to 'percentage point'. Previously, the unit was incorrectly referred to as 'percent' in the table.

When will new figures be published? New figures will usually be published between the first and second Thursday of the month following on the reporting month. The figures of the previous reporting month then become final.

All CPI publications are announced on the publication calendar.

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Contribution and impact on the annual rate of change according to CPI Yearly rates, weighting coefficient, contribution and impact


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Contribution and impact on the annual rate of change according to CPI Yearly rates, weighting coefficient, contribution and impact