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Dit is een dataset die landelijk dekkend is. De data heeft betrekking op heel Nederland.


This table contains figures on the absolute number of persons to whom in the year concerned medicines were dispensed for which the costs are reimbursed under the statutory basic medical insurance. Also, the number of dispensed defined daily doses (DDDs) are presented. The figures are also expressed as a percentage of the total population in the category concerned. The population includes everybody registered in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP) and living in the Netherlands at some point in the year concerned. Until 2010 the figures also included medicines dispensed to persons registered in the BRP, but no longer resident in the Netherlands. Medicines provided to persons in hospitals and nursing homes are not included; medicines provided in residential homes for the elderly are included.

Data are broken down by medicine group, origin, age and sex.

Data available from 2020.

Status of the figures: Figures for 2022 are provisional.

Changes as of December 20, 2023:

  • Provisional figures for 2022 have been added, provisional figures of 2020 and 2021 have been made definite.
  • Textual change: the description of drug group Y (Not filled in) has been replaced by Z (Not applicable). However, the underlying resources have remained the same. This category is assigned to products that do not have an ATC code according to the WHO ATC classification system.

When will new figures be published? New figures will be published in the last quarter of 2024.

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Persons to whom medicines were dispensed by origin, medicine group, age, sex


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Persons to whom medicines were dispensed by origin, medicine group, age, sex