About data communities

What can be found in an data community?

In an data community on data.overheid.nl the following topics can be found:

  • One central place for data within the topic. These data is visible and findable through metadata
  • As much as possible government data available from different government organizations
  • Shows in data what the involved organizations produce and publish
  • Gives insights in the available data, quality, but also contradictions in data
  • Givers insights in the involved parties, chains and network round an specific topic
  • Provides direct access to the core data and figures within the subject

What does the organization of an data community look like?

Data.overheid.nl facilitates as a data broker between supply and demand of data. This makes it possible for the community to develop. In addition, at least one leader and a number of experts are linked to a community. The initiator is in fact the manager of the community, arranges the day-to-day affairs and draws up rules about the community where necessary. The experts provide the content on specific topics within the community.

Step-by-step plan setting up an data community on data.overheid.nl

Basically, data.overheid.nl follows the following four steps to start and set up a data community:

  1. Idea, research and direction. Determine the goal, target audience, scope and direction to make the community a success. Set up the basis for the community: datasets, themes, experts and recognisability. Create commitment with the initiators and first members, activate management for support.
  2. Start-up, first members and activation. Start the community with those directly involved: sets up the organization for moderation and interaction. Draw up house rules. Provide a 'warm house' with sufficient data, content, applications and a fixed group of members. Organize a highly visible community launch.
  3. Grow and promotion. Use the first members as community ambassodors for promotion and organic growth. Leverage existing communities, networks and social media for visibility.
  4. Learning and optimizing. Learn from interaction, optimize where necessary. 

Starting your own data community?

Which can! Send a message to data@koop.overheid.nl and we would like to get in contact with you.