Vacancies; government and education 1992-2009

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Dit is een dataset die landelijk dekkend is. De data heeft betrekking op heel Nederland.


The number of vacancies per quarter refers to vacancies in government and education at the end of each quarter.

Subjects: vacancies, new vacancies, filled vacancies.
Selections: government sectors: Total, central government, provinces, municipalities, education, police, defence, judiciary, water boards, period.

Data available quarter 4 1992 - 2009.

Frequency of appearance: Stopped.

Changes as 12 February 2011: Stopped. Reason of stopping: During 2006 Statistics Netherlands changed to a renewed business register as base of the survey.This brought about a trend breach in the time series.To give an impression of the size of the trend breach, in each case two figures are published on the fourth quarter of 2006: the figure before the trend breach and the figure after the trend breach. In 2010 the observation for the total vacanciemarket is shifted of SIC 1993 to SIC 2008. In the StatLine table
Vacancies (new and filled); government and education are the vacanciesfigurs of the government retroactive conformed to this new classification and is the trend breach in the fourth quarter of 2006 incorporated and eliminated.

Status of the figurs: As of the third quarter of 2008 the job vacancy survey is capable of compiling the number of job vacancies at the Ministry of Defence in a much better way. Due to this more than 7 thousand vacancies are added to the government. This should be taken into account, when interpreting the results. Because of this extra number of vacancies, the numbers of vacancies, new vacancies and filled vacancies are not completely consistent with the vacancies in the third quarter of 2008.

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Vacancies, new vacancies and filled vacancies for eight government sectors and a total


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Vacancies, new vacancies and filled vacancies for eight government sectors and a total