Average energy prices for consumers, 2018 - 2023

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Dit is een dataset die landelijk dekkend is. De data heeft betrekking op heel Nederland.


This table contains consumer prices for electricity and gas. Weighted average monthly prices are published broken down into transport rate, delivery rates and taxes, both including and excluding VAT. These prices are published on a monthly basis. The prices presented in this table were used to compile the CPI up to May 2023. Prices for newly offered contracts were collected. Contract types that are no longer offered, but have been in previous reporting periods, are imputed. The average can therefore diverge from the prices paid for energy contracts by Dutch households.

Data available from January 2018 up to May 2023.

Status of the figures: The figures are definitive.

Changes as of 17 July 2023: This table will no longer be updated. Due to a change in the underlying data and accompanying method for calculcating average energy prices, a new table was created. See paragraph 3.

Changes as of 13 February: Average delivery rates are not shown in this table from January 2023 up to May 2023. With the introduction of the price cap, the average energy rates (delivery rates) of fixed and variable energy contracts together remained useful for calculating a development for the CPI. However, as a pricelevel, they are less useful. Average energy prices from January 2023 up to May 2023 are published in a customized table. In this publication, only data concerning new variable contracts are taken into account

When will new figures be published? Does not apply.

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Average energy prices for consumers Natural gas, electricity


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Average energy prices for consumers Natural gas, electricity