Earthquake Location Uncertainty Maps for the Netherlands

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Data owner Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut (Rijk)
Updated 03/14/2024 - 00:00
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This dataset represents expected location uncertainty of seismic events, when using sensors from the Netherlands seismic network and sensors just across the boarder in Belgium and Germany. The computation has been done over a grid covering the Netherlands, with a fixed source depth of 3 km. For each scenario event, the location probability density function has been determined, both as function of depth and as function of the horizontal coordinates. The assumption has been made that these probability density functions can be approximated as being (multivariate) normal distributions, such that they can be described with standard deviations. The uncertainty in the horizontal plane is parameterized with σ1 (S1), σ2 (S2) and θ (T). S1 is the standard deviation in the direction with maximum uncertainty, which occurs at a certain angle (T) with north. S2 is the standard deviation in the perpendicular direction with minimum uncertainty. In the vertical direction, the probability density function is computed at the most likely epicenter. The corresponding uncertainty is parameterized with SZ. Additionally, the azimuthal gap (AG) has been computed and is included in the dataset. This parameter describes how well the azimuthal coverage of stations is for event location. Details are described in the following technical report:


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