Social protection benefits by functions, criteria, implementation 1994-2012

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National coverage

This is a dataset that is nationwide. The data covers the entire Netherlands.


This table gives an overview of the social protection benefits available in the Netherlands. Social protection benefits are classified as all benefits that fall under social services, social security laws, pension insurance, social benefits paid directly by employers and social benefits in kind paid by the government to families. The benefits concern both benefits in kind and cash benefits.

Social protection benefits protect recipients against certain risks or provide in certain needs. These risks and needs are grouped into nine functions. The social protection schemes are also classified by five criteria and eleven underlying categories, as laid down in the European System of Social Protection Statistics (ESSPROS) programme. This programme aims to improve the comparability of international social protection statistics. The function "Education" is not a part of social protection in the sense of ESSPROS.
However, this function is included in the table to provide a complete picture of social protection in the Netherlands. Lastly the benefits are classified by the sector providing the benefit.

In line with the regulations in the European System of Accounts (ESA95), benefits are recorded when they are claimed (accrual-based recording), not when they are paid (cash-based recording).

Data available from 1994 to 2012.

Status of the figures:
The figures in this table are definite up to 2010, revised provisional for 2011 and provisional for 2012. Because this table is discontinued, figures will not be updated anymore.

Changes as of 10 April 2015.
None, this table is discontinued.

When will new figures be published?
Not applicable anymore.

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Social protection benefits. Functions, criteria and execution.


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Social protection benefits. Functions, criteria and execution.