Set up a data community yourself?


Do you want to start up a community on a specific social issues or policy area? A good idea. You will gain more insight into the use of your policy area. Direct contact with re-users almost always leads to better data quality that all parties enjoy.

Data communities for social issues

A data community is the central place for parties working on a social issue to make all data available. Each party has the same data and the same principles. The data community helps to use the same concepts, reference files and versions of data files.

Want to start a data community? 

At a minimum, we ask for the participation of a government organization to start the community and take responsibility. The community can be managed by both public and private parties.

In 2020, will be running a pilot on data communities with support from the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. The data communities will be evaluated at the beginning of 2021.

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