Natural gas balance sheet; supply and consumption

This table shows the supply and the consumption of natural gas as a balance sheet. The supply of natural gas is calculated as the sum of indigenous production, production from other sources, imports minus exports plus stock changes. This is equal to the amount of natural gas used in the Netherlands in the same period.

This consumption is broken down by how it's delivered by the gas distribution network. This consists of a main grid and connected regional grids. Large-scale consumers, like power plants and large companies, receive the gas directly from the main distribution network. Small-scale consumers, including households, receive their natural gas through the regional grids. Then a small amount of natural gas is used in the indigenous production and transportation of natural gas. Lastly, there is flared and vented natural gas.

Data available: From 1946 annually and from 1982 annually, quarterly and monthly.

Status of the figures: All figures up to 2015 are definite. Figures of 2016 are revised provisional. Figures of 2017 and 2018 are provisional.

Changes as of January 25th 2019 Figures of November 2018 have been added.

Changes as of 19th April 2018 Figures of December 2017 have been added. The natural gas balance have been revised.

Revision of natural gas includes : 1. Figures on the balance sheet items of the supply of natural gas (indigenous production, imports, exports and stock change) have been adjusted from the year 2000 onwards, because the stock change in the underground storage facilities for natural gas have now been included and it is no longer assumed that these supplies were part of the indiginous production of natural gas system (as before). The exchange of the Dutch main gas network with underground storage facilities abroad is now also booked as import and export. The build-up of the cushion gas is included in the balance as non-energy use of natural gas. These adjustments do not affect the consumption of natural gas, except for the extra non-energy use as a result of the build-up of stock cushion gas. 2. The distribution losses of natural gas turned out to be not a leak of natural gas, but own use of natural gas by natural gas grid companies. The distribution losses of natural gas is therefore set at 0 and the corresponding quantities of natural gas are included as own use of natural gas in the energy sector. This applies to the period 1990 up to and including 2014. 3. Figures on the production of natural gas from other transformation have been improved by also using data from natural gas grid companies.

When will new figures be published? Provisional figures: in the third month after the month under review. Revised provisional figures: not later than in the following December. Definite figures: not later than in the second following December.

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